Metabolic Nutrition Carni-10

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  • Carni-10 by Metabolic Nutrition is comprehensive formula comprised of a total of 10 of the most powerful fat oxidizing ingredients available. It improves Metabolism & helps in Fast Weight Loss. Our L-Carnitine comes in a pure free-form state, ready for absorption and can be easily digested.
  • A high strength supplement, Carni-10 is an Amino Acid which increases Blood Flow & Muscle Endurance. It also revitalize your skin, organs, limbs, and mind by promoting healthy blood circulation by supporting heart to pump at required capacity.

  • Carni-10 Reduces Lactic Acid, Fatigue & Muscle Soreness and is ideal to use by men or women either Pre work out or Post work out.

  • Carni-10 plays a essential role & boosts thermogenisis for Increased Caloric Burn and Converts Fatty Acids into ATP that the body can rapidly burn as energy, helping you get leaner, quicker and reduce that subcutaneous fat

  • 100% pure Clean, Natural, Effective, and Science-Backed Formulations to ensure maximum absorption. No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners, or Preservatives and fillers