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Nocturnal Labz is dedicated to providing advanced users with only the highest-quality hardcore supplements. The cumulative sum of to 375mg of Caffeine from three different sources, Eria jarensis and Jugians regia extract make this an extremely high-stim, euphoric pre-workout.

This is a supplement not recommended for beginners but very suited to those who consider themselves intermediate-experienced lifters. Nocturnal brings you the supercar of pre-workouts, this is not your mum’s Prius!


It should be made clear, Nocturnal packs a fair load of caffeine. Delivering a massive sum 375mg from Caffeine Anhydrous (275mg),  Infinergy™ (aka. Dicaffeine malate)(100mg), and Caffeine Citrate (50mg). So why three different forms, and what’s the difference between them? 

It all comes down to delivering the ideal energy surge, providing early kick, but also sustaining you throughout a long workout. Caffeine Anhydrous (yielding approx 99% caffeine) is the tried and true staple form, which you can expect to fill out the bulk of the middle of your workout. Caffeine Citrate (yielding approx. 50% caffeine), while far less common, actually kicks in faster than Caffeine Anhydrous and will provide a quick surge to get you moving.  Infinergy™ (aka. Dicaffeine malate, yielding approx 75% caffeine) steps in for two key functions. The bonded malic acid works to ease digestive stress caused by caffeine, while considered to be a milder form providing more sustained energy over a longer period of time – keeping the your energy up to crush the workout all the way to the last rep.